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Crysis is the next project from Crytek, developer of the famed first-person shooter Far Cry series.

One of 2007's most eagerly awaited releases, Crytek's Windows Vista exclusive Crysis promises to redefine FPS gaming and set a new benchmark for in-game graphics.

Crysis' biggest innovation is the Nanosuit; a futuristic outer skin with four modes which let players, run, reload and swim faster, take more damage and regenerate health, jump higher and hit harder, or become completely invisible all with a click of a button.

But Crysis' biggest talking point is its jaw-dropping presentation. High-definition, high detail and highly cinematic, Crytek have fashioned lush jungle levels, stunning snowscapes, eerily lifelike alien environments and awe-inspiring special effects with their CryENGINE 2, assuring Crysis is certain to make even the most powerful gaming PCs positively cry!

Boasting an action-packed three-act sci-fi singleplayer campaign, emergent 32-player online battles, a robust toolset, the most compelling enemy species ever devised for a videogame and the pedigree of Far Cry, Crysis will be the year single-most must-have PC title.

Don the nanosuit of Sergeant 'Psycho' Sykes and play his parallel story to the original Crysis in the series' second outing, Crysis Warhead!

Crysis Warhead follows the same story as the first game, albeit from the alternate perspective of Nomad's more brash and aggressive squadmate. Equipped with an even bigger arsenal of fully customisable weapons and all-new vehicles you'll lead Sykes through his own perilous mission on the other side of the island.

A completely standalone follow-up, Crysis Warhead doesn't require you to own the original Crysis, meaning even newcomers can jump in and explore the genre-defining PC FPS engine of its era at a bargain price. Returning Crysis players however will find crisis Warhead offers a continuation of the franchise's famed action across an action-packed 8+ hour campaign, with enhanced A.I. plus all-new multiplayer modes and maps making for an essential second Crysis experience!