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WWE 13


WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Break the walls down!!

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 will push the boundaries of the of the world renowned wrestling franchise further than ever before with new features and modes that really let you get into the action and become a WWE Superstar.

So whether you're a 619 delivering High-Flyer or Pedigree packing powerhouse Smackdown vs Raw will deliver the ultimate WWE experience... but ARE YOU READY?!

New Physics

One of the biggest changes this year lies under the hood with the new Dynamic Physics System. This year all of your matches will feel different and your object interactions will have a completely unique feel.

Before chairs and ladders lying in the ring would slide away as you delivered that powerful spinebuster, this year they won't. In fact there'll react to the impact, meaning you won't need to need to painfully line up those slams to deliver maximum impact.

Exploring the Universe

Ever wanted to start a rivalry or partnership with a fellow superstar in split second decision? Well now you can!

Your choices in the WWE will effect what happens throughout the WWE Universe; don't like your tag team partner anymore? Then take him out of the match and start a bitter rivalry! Help out another superstar and you could form a powerful alliance to rival that of DX.