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The Nintendo eShop

When it comes to downloading new and classic games, 3D videos, trailers and all kinds of other great stuff, head to the Nintendo eShop!

There's loads of great games to download and enjoy in the Virtual Console. From the Nintendo Enterainment System, the Game Boy and even the Sega Game Gear, this extensive back catalogue is there for you to enjoy the 8-bit games of yesteryear. Certain titles, like Kid Icarus and Excitebike, have been given a 3D upgrade as 3D Classics, so you can play them like never before!

On top of this, there are exclusive 3D videos, trailers, demos and more to enjoy, and all available straight from the home menu of your 3DS. Downloading games is quick, easy, and convenient, and paying for them is easy, too - just order your prepaid Nintendo eStore Cards from us and you can be sure of how much you and your family are spending.

So for classic games, 3D games and great 3D videos, the Nintendo eShop helps you make even more of your Nintendo 3DS.