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3DS Accessories

Nintendo 3DS Accessories

As the 3DS is a portable console you'll find no shortage of personalized 3DS accessories for it such as spare stylus', carry cases, game holders and even stickers! The 3DS console is also compatible with most DS accessories, giving you double the accessories to pick from!

Each accessory serves a practical purpose with carry cases being the ideal way for you to keep your Nintendo 3DS protected. There is a massive choice of 3DS accessories available, are you a fan of Star Wars? Then grab a Yoda 3DS Protection Set! Or for those new to gaming, get yourself a Nintendo 3DS Core Starter Kit, which includes a Carry Case, Ear buds, Cleaning Cloth and replacement Styluses.

The carry case is possibly the most essential (and stylish) accessory for storing your 3DS on the go but having a few spare stylus is never a bad thing either! You never know when you'll lose one down the back of the sofa, or in the bottom of your bag, you can even grab personalised styluses such as the Moshi Monsters Poppet Stylus Pack!

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