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Nintendo Wii Accessories

Nintendo Wii Accessories

There are a wide range of Wii accessories that can add even more fun and can enhance game play too! Attach the gun accessory to the Wii remote and take aim at your enemies in a shootout, Steer through race track chicanes with the Wii Wheel or even improve your fitness and posture using the Wii fit.

The ultimate accessory is the Nunchuk. One is provided with console, but each Wii Remote will need a separate Nunchuck. The Nunchuck works in sync with the Wii Remote, offering the use of an analogue stick and two trigger buttons for games with extra controls.

For those that want the retro gaming experience, the Wii Classic Controller is a must. Based around the earlier SNES and N64 controllers, it gives seamless play control across compatible games.

To download those extra Wii games and more, you'll need some Wii Points Cards! These will add funds to your virtual wallet and allow you to purchase downloadable content from the Wii shop.

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