Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Consoles

Nintendo Wii Consoles

The Wii console is all about accessibility, legendary games and energetic fun!

With everything you need to play in the box, all you need to worry about is any extra accessories for those multiplayer game nights! Whether you want to play single or multiplayer, the Wii console can offer a unique, energetic gaming experience.

Many games for the Wii can be played through a combination of control methods such as Wii Remote and Nunchuk, just the Wii Remote or the Classic Controller. One Wii Remote and one Nunchuck come with the console but for some multiplayer games extra Wii Remotes may be needed. The Classic Controller is an extra accessory that can be purchased from GAME.

Spanning the age gap, the Wii can accommodate any skill level, at any age. It suits those new to gaming as well as the hardcore gamer and is great fun whether playing single or multiplayer modes.

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