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PlayStation 3 Accessories

PlayStation 3 Accessories

PlayStation 3 Accessories

There is a vast selection of PlayStation 3 accessories available, from Dualshock 3 Controllers to Wireless Bluetooth Headsets; Move Controller Chargers all the way up to Driving Wheels. There is a wide variety of accessories available to enhance your gaming experience.

For those who love messaging friends and surfing the web, an essential accessory is the PS3 keyboard. It clips to the top of your Playstation Controller, and sits within thumbs reach for ease of use. Another PS3 accessory must have is a headset so you can co-ordinate with your friends in a tense game of Battlefield 3.

If you plan on using your PS3 to watch the latest Blu-ray movies and TV series then the Blu-ray Disc remote control is also another must-have. You can use the PS3 controller to play, pause and rewind but the remote control offers more variables, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the latest in HD entertainment.

The most exciting and game enhancing accessory of all is the PlayStation Move Controller. PlayStation Move allows you to become part of the game itself. Whether it's swinging your controller like a baseball bat or pointing it like a gun, Move does it easily and accurately and even works with some of the biggest games available.

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