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Console Buyer's Guide

Nintendo Wii

For family fun, the Nintendo Wii gets a huge thumbs up - and you don't have to take our word for it: there are more Wiis in UK homes than any other gaming console! With their unique motion controllers the Wii makes gaming active in a way that makes you feel that you're right there in the middle of it. Combine this with a wide selection of games, featuring some of the all-time favourite gaming characters and you're on to a winner.

Become part of the action and fill your room with laughter with Nintendo Wii

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The Wii Mini is the new version of the Wii console, letting you join the fun of Wii motion gaming at a great entry-level price.

The Wii Mini is designed for pure Wii gaming. It's compatible with over 1300 Wii games and small enough to fit almost anywhere! It includes a unique Red Wii Remote Plus controller and Nunchuk, and will work with many other Wii accessories like the Balance Board and Classic Controller. And with no online features to worry about, it's great for kids, families, and even to take away on holiday!

For the mini console that provides big fun chose the Wii Mini

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