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Kinect for Xbox 360


What is Kinect?

What is Kinect?

Seen Minority Report? Ever imagined playing a game like Tom Cruise's character uses that film's computers?

Yeah, well, Kinect will let you do that - just hook up the Kinect Camera to your Xbox 360 Console (via the all-in-one Kinect Port on the New Xbox Consoles) and you'll be able to stand in front of your TV and talk to your console, wave your hands through thin air to browse the dashboard, and use your whole body to play games. You can even grab your fave real-life objects and scan them in to use in games!

Take a sec and think of the possibilities - Star Wars games where you get to swing a lightsber like a real Jedi; skateboard games where you can grind and kickflip on your own board without getting one bruise; being able to tell your Xbox to "stop, pause, rewind, play" when you're watching a movie, Star Trek style...

The list goes on; Kinect is clearly gonna be a revolutionary piece of tech, and we're excited to be able to help you get kinected with our huge range of Kinect games and hardware.

Screenshots showing a lady playing with Kinect Screenshots showing a guy playing with Kinect Screenshots showing another lady playing with Kinect