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Playstation Network

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What is PlayStation Network?

PlayStation Network is a free service where you can play online games with friends, chat to fellow PlayStation Network users from around the world and surf the web. The best thing about PSN is that it's totally free. You can use PlayStation Network on a PlayStation 3, PSP, PSPGo and the PlayStation Vita. So get signed up and join in the fun today!

  • Online Gaming
  • Exclusive Content
  • Grab the latest and greatest Game Demos
  • Community
  • Video Chat and Messaging
  • Get Your PlayStation 3 online

Online Gaming

With PlayStation Network you can connect with thousands of gamers all around the world. Online gaming on PlayStation Network opens up a whole new world of amazing opportunities. You can battle the Helghast on Killzone 3 (PS3), go online as Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2 (PS3), fight enemies in Resistance 3 (PS3) and fly on your handheld in Ace Combat Joint Assault (PSP).

On PlayStation Network online gaming is completely free and available 24 hours a day. You'll also have access to in-game matchmaking and you can use your completely unique account ID across all PlayStation Network compatible titles.

Exclusive Content

PlayStation Network has tons of exclusive content that you can only get with a PlayStation Network account. You can get games, movies and even totally original programming that's not available anywhere else.

Grab the latest and greatest Game Demos

With PlayStation Network you can be on the cutting edge of gaming. You'll be bang up-to-date with new releases and you can get access to the freshest game demos. If you're a PlayStation Plus member you can get this gaming goodness delivered directly to your PlayStation 3 when you join.


PlayStation Network is a truly social experience. Using your PlayStation Network profile as your ID you can tell the world all about yourself and show off your gaming accomplishments with a shiny trophy collection. You can create an avatar and even keep friends updated.

As your ID is portable you'll even be able to show off your gaming prowess on your favourite official game sites as well as social networks, such as Facebook. With PlayStation Network showing your mad skills has never been easier!

Video Chat and Messaging

PlayStation Network gives you an incredible range of communication choices. You can chat via text, voice or even video with a PlayStation Eye camera. You can see what games your friends are playing and chat in real-time to discuss tactics if you have a headset. You'll even be able to video chat with up to six people at once if you have a PlayStation Eye camera. The social experience of PlayStation Network has to be experienced to be believed.

Get your PlayStation 3 online and destroy boredom forever!

PlayStation Network gives your PlayStation 3 access to a vast range of digital entertainment.

  • PlayStation Home - Hang out with your online friends, play games, watch all sorts of videos and chat to hundreds of other gamers in a social gaming world. PlayStation Home is in high definition, so it looks fantastic on a HD TV. You can even furnish your own virtual apartment. On PlayStation Home you'll be able to attend exclusive events and watch trailers for upcoming movies.
  • VidZone - VidZone allows you to watch thousands of music videos from the comfort of your front room, absolutely free.
  • Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity - Get all the music you want, whenever you want to listen to it. Music Unlimited has millions of songs, making your PlayStation 3 a complete music library, better than any jukebox.
  • BBC iPlayer - With iPlayer you can catch-up with all the best BBC programming from the last 7 days. With iPlayer you can get all your favourite BBC shows for free.
  • ITV Player - ITV Player lets you get access to your favourite ITV shows from the last 30 days, for nothing.
  • 4OD - See the best Channel 4 programming from the last 30 days on your PlayStation 3 and it's totally free of charge.
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