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Halo 4

The return of an icon. The beginning of a new trilogy. It can only be Halo 4.

After five long years, Master Chief (or John-117 to his mates) returns in Halo 4. He's been MIA since the end of Halo 3, but now he's back where he belongs - front and centre, with new armour and re-kitted weapons. There's a new focus on who Master Chief is, his relationship with AI companion Cortana, and what his destiny holds. Excited much?

But it's not all about Master Chief - Halo 4 is the first chapter in the new 'Reclaimer Trilogy'. Balancing classic Halo gameplay with innovations in weaponry and abilities, Halo 4 promises to enhance your experience of the strength and power of the Spartans in action. The Covenant are out, and an 'ancient evil' is in as the new big bad of the series.

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