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The Gamestation Elite

Gamestation Elite - the ultimate gamers reward card!

Gamestation Elite


The ownership of Gamestation is now Game Retail Limited. Please be assured that the Gamestation Elite Cards system will continue to operate as normal. All customers holding an existing Elite Card will have any XP honoured as before and any replacement cards issued will have existing XP transferred onto them.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Are you the best of the best? Think you've got what it takes? Well now is YOUR chance to join the highest order of gamers and it's time to earn the greatest of rewards. The Gamestation Elite wants you - Enlist Today!


Games are amazing - fact! So to make them even more amazing here's what a new recruit into the Gamestation Elite will get:

Buying New, Pre-owned & Download

You will receive 2.5% of every purchase* back onto your Gamestation Elite card in the form of Experience Points (XP). So let's break that down; if a game costs you £39.99 then you will receive 400 XP which can then be spent against your next purchase or saved for something uber cool.


The fun doesn't stop there though... Firstly, do you trade-in your old games for money off new ones? If not, why? And secondly, with the Gamestation Elite Card you'll receive an extra 2.5% of your trade-in value back onto your card as well! Example: Let's say that you trade-in a game worth £25, you'll then receive an additional 250 XP onto your card for the next time you shop. That means you get more money back for simply being a member of the Gamestation Elite - Now that is cool!

Now if you add both of the examples above together, you are going earn some serious XP.

How much are XP worth?

100XP = 25p
400XP = £1
800XP = £2
And so on, get it? Good!

Spending XP

You can spend XP however you wish with the minimum spend being 400 XP (£1) through to the entire value of your purchase (if you have enough XP of course!). You can check how much XP you have available to spend by going in-store and telling a member of staff you would like to check your Gamestation Elite balance.


To join Gamestation Elite you need to purchase a card online or from a Gamestation Store. You card will be activated immediately. Then remember to use your card every time you buy or trade-in .

If you already have an Elite card, link it to the Gamestation account to start earning and spending points online.

But before you go, that's not everything... Think you've got the Speed of the Puma? Fancy Unleashing The Beast? Well now's your chance - see a list of the Gamestation Elite Accolades you can complete to earn even more XP. See, we told you this was the ultimate Gamer's Reward Card!



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