As a dedicated gamer of the female gender, my ideal game would be one where the character can be anyway I want her to be, right down to the size of her waist, the style of her clothing/armour and her way of thinking. I love today's modern games and while I do see an improvement on how females are generally represented in video games, I want a game that does not patronise us girl gamers with pink princess customisation options. I want an RPG with an immersive, engaing story, where I can run around as me, but how I see myself in my own reality, not how other people choose to see me, the 21 year old sat on the bus to my degree with a 3DS, a Gameboy Color, even a Pokemon Pikachu in my hand. It's a much judged scene.

I want a game where I can play and chat with other players without receiving the usual "Go make me a sandwich!" shout outs from male gamers who still haven't come to terms with a now widely popular and non-gender specific pastime.

I want a game with stunning visuals, visuals that can be represented as beautiful regardless of console, HDTV or HD capabilities of the console itself, so as not to spark up the usual fanboy wars.

I want an RPG that allows me to play through life as I sometimes wish I could in real life. Don't get me wrong, I do love my life, but there are always parts of it we wish we could replay, change etc, and why not be able to do that in the comfort of our living room, with some extra skills and abilities? Laser vision is always good!

Overall, I want a game that allows me to be me, but in many different situations, situation that I would never have the opportunity to face in the real world.

Ps. I'm not getting you a sandwich!

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