Arcade shooter Dream Trigger 3D coming to 3DS

D3Publisher has revealed that it will be bringing a brand new arcade-style shooter called Dream Trigger 3D to the forthcoming 3DS handheld.

The old-school title is currently in development at Art Co Ltd and challenges players to utilise sonar to detect their enemies, before destroying them in spectacular and colourful explosions.

More than 50 stages will be featured in the game, with players weaving through waves of attacks to the sound of a multi-track musical score.

The publisher has also promised that Dream Trigger 3D will be a visual treat, with effects that reach through the screen via the console's glasses-free stereoscopic 3D capabilities.

Yoji Takenaka of D3Publisher said the game "perfectly captures the system's graphical strengths and combines it with stellar arcade shooter gameplay that new owners of the Nintendo 3DS handheld system will not be able to put down".

The hotly-anticipated 3DS is due for European release in March 2011 and features improved processing power and new control options not seen on the original DS.

Published: 17/12/2010

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