Warhammer Online: Races

The Six Armies

Dwarfs Obstinate and proud, the dwarves of Warhammer Online are quick to hold a grudge, often passing these down through the generations. A dying race long past their prime, their once-great empire of Karak Ankor now lies in ruins, their mighty mountain holds largely conquered by the Greenskins. Expert miners and metal workers, Dwarfs are renowned for their love of gold, with craftsmanship revered right across the world of Warhammer Online. Respected by the Elves and with a sworn oath allying them to the humans, now is the time for this diminutive but still powerful people to wage war one last time.
Empire The greatest nation of men in Warhammer Online, The Empire faces threats both from without and within. Rumours of secret shadowy cults abound and fear and paranoia are rife in the outlying settlements of the Empire provinces. Chaos Marauders from the north frequently mount attacks, pillaging and destroying all they can and all the while an insidious plague is transforming the Empire's citizens into murderous fiends. The Age of Reckoning is at hand and Emperor Karl Franz calls upon the Dwarfs and High Elves for aid, before his land is irrevocably transformed into a realm of Chaos.
High Elves  
High Elves An ancient and powerful people, the High Elves of the magnificent marble and silver city of Ulthuan are amongst the most fearsome magic wielders in the world of Warhammer Online. Intelligent and enlightened, their strict code of honour and unparalleled dedication to the arts of combat belie a great capacity for savage violence which is kept suppressed. In High Elf Society, to give in to emotion is a sign of weakness and those that do become Dark Elves, laced with malice and Chaos. Setting sail for the Old World to help their human allies, the High Elves leave their city exposed to these dark forces, and hordes of Dark Elf warriors descend upon Ulthuan, determined to reclaim their ancestral home.

Ill-tempered, primitive and living only to fight, the Orcs and Goblins that make up the clan of Warhammer Online's savage Greenskins have no home of their own, instead invading and conquering the land of their rivals. When united by a warlord, they form a powerful group, named a Waaagh, and stampede in a force second only in devastation to pure Chaos itself. Waging war against the Dwarfs, the hulking Orcs and smaller but cunning Goblins are but pawns in the grand scheme of the Age of Reckoning, guided by a terrible but as of yet unseen hand.

Chaos United into a great warhost by the God Tzeentch and led by Champions empowered by the evil blessings of the inscrutable Chaos Gods, the marauding Northmen fight side by side with fearsome Beastmen and evil Daemons, marching on the Empire itself in a bloodthirsty and terrible quest to shed Chaos throughout the Old world. A terrifying army of evil led by the Champion Tchar'zanek, it will take everything that men, Elves and Drawfs have to stop them and even that may not be enough.
Dark Elves  
Dark Elves The Dark Elves are everything the High Elves aren't; passionate, prideful and fuelled by selfishness and anger, they have a malicious and bloodthirsty nature borne of a society that favours individualism. Cast out eons ago from Ulthuan following a bitter civil war, the Dark Elves reside in the New World in a place they've named Naggaroth, meaning 'land of chill', longing to reclaim their 'rightful' place as Ulthuan's guardians. Blending Elven discipline with savagery and ferocity, they worship the deity Kaela Mensha Khaine, Lord of Murder. As the Age of Reckoning dawns their most fearsome warriors, the dreaded Witch Elves, prepare to return to Ulthuan and fulfil their dark destiny/td>


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