Metal Gear Solid 4 Story and Characters


CharacterJust who are The Patriots? It's a question we've been left with since the grand finale of MGS2. Are they human? Are they artificial? Are they even alive? We know only one thing theye the real power behind the US government, manipulating elections and technology to ensure an era of controlled information and restricted political and personal freedoms.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots takes place in 2014, five years after Sons of Liberty, in a world where war has become the epicentre of global economy, Metal Gear technology is widespread, and Private Military Companies fight for faceless business interests.

The five largest PMCs are owned by a company called Outer Heaven, ran by Liquid Ocelot. Bent on reviving the dream of Big Boss, he looks to end The Patriots' unseen dominance and rekindle an age of endless violence. The final conflict is at hand.

Heading cautiously into the fray and caught between two opposing ideologies, an aging Solid Snake seeks to take down Liquid, find and finish The Patriots, and ultimately usher in a new age of peace and freedom for all.

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