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Gamescom 2010 Preview: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Gamescom 2010 Preview: Call of Duty: Black Ops

After the success of Modern Warfares 1 and 2 and World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops is bound to be one of the year’s biggest releases – which meant that seeing the game running was one of our biggest priorities when we hit the show floor at Gamescom 2010.

Scouting ahead

Settling into our seats at the Activision booth, the first thing we saw was the newest Call of duty: Black Ops trailer. It showed the RV XD Video Surveillance Vehicle and Transmitter in use in game – the same XD remote control buggy that forms part of the limited production run Prestige Edition.

With a confident "the sky is yours" we sent the stealth aircraft roaring into the stratosphere.

Then it was time for our demo play through. We gripped the controller and headed into battle...

The beginning of our Black Ops hands-on saw us walking out to a waiting Blackbird spy plane. Climbing aboard, we got the all-clear from the comms tower and with a confident "the sky is yours" we pulled back on the stick, sending the stealth aircraft roaring into the stratosphere.

Taking a second to look at our cockpit controls, we noted advanced thermal imaging tools onboard, which swiftly came into play after rendezvousing with our ground-based four-man squad. From our eye-in-the-sky perspective we saw the squad fan-out, and guided them to their targets.

Points of view

As our comrades in arms entered the buildings below to engage the enemy, our perspective changed and we zoomed down from our nice, cozy, remote flight seat and straight into the heart of the action. This mechanic of top-down squad control and then classic through-the-eyes FPS worked well, giving a good appreciation for both the tactical and manual side of Black Ops insurgencies. It will be interesting to see how often it is used in the final version of the game.

Our perspective changed and we zoomed down from our nice, cozy, remote flight seat and straight into the heart of the action.

Ploughing on into hostile terrain, all the time guided by our eyes in the sky, we took out a comms centre before abseiling down a power station wall; shooting out the windows; satisfyingly swinging in and letting rip on full auto. This was Black Ops at its very best; modern day swashbuckling in a way that Errol Flynn would find hard to keep pace with.

Not sooner had we unclasped however then our Blackbird was advising us that we had multiple hostiles inbound. It was time to load another clip and get back to work; CoD: Black Ops is a game that really doesn’t let up.

Ducking, dodging and spraying bullets we vanquished a horde of CCCP soldiers and then exited the station… only to get caught in an avalanche that claims one of the squad!

Take no prisoners!

No time to mourn though; suddenly we were aiming loose and bullet-free on the new crossbow weapon, which let us opt for either stealthy takedowns or a more flamboyant take-no prisoners approach thanks to a plentiful supply of explosive bolts. We went for the latter. We’ve always liked to make an entrance.

And that about brought our demo to a close. We left nerve-shattered and aching to have another go, and in no doubt at all that Call of Duty Black Ops feels and plays like the fresh prime cut of gaming goodness the series deserves, It’s a must-buy already - and we haven't even got to play the multiplayer modes yet!

Preview by: Steve 'One Shot' Wind-Mosley
Preview Published: 19.08.10

Published: 19/08/2010

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