Namco confirms Ridge Racer for 3DS

Another of gaming's most celebrated franchises is to make an appearance on the new 3DS, after Namco Bandai announced that Ridge Racer is coming to the console.

The high-speed racing game was among the titles teased by Nintendo on unveiling the high-tech console at E3 and will see players take to the track in glasses-free stereoscopic 3D.

It will not be the first Ridge Racer game to feature on a Nintendo handheld, as the original DS also received an instalment of the series with Ridge Racer DS in 2005.

Ridge Racer will not be the only Namco title coming to the new console, however, as the developer has revealed that it has a total of five games in the works for 3DS.

These include new outings for the old-school Pac-Man and Galaga franchises, as well as a 3D title based on the ever-popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball.

Shin Unozawa, vice president of Namco Bandai, said: "We are convinced of the potential of the new stereogram technology on which the hardware is based and we intend to make full use of it."

Published: 23/06/2010

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