Bomberman, Sports Island coming to 3DS

Developer Hudson Soft has revealed that two of its most popular franchises are to receive new 3D instalments when Nintendo's 3DS handheld console launches.

Fans of old-school gaming will be pleased to hear that one of these titles will be a new entry in the classic Bomberman franchise, a series which has already sold more than ten million units to date.

It has also been a regular fixture on the original DS, with titles including last year's Bomberman 2.

Meanwhile, newer game fans are set to be catered for with a new 3D Sports Island game, which is likely to deliver the same sports compilation gameplay which has helped the franchise to sell more than three million units so far.

Hudson's Dai Kudo said: "The Nintendo 3DS is going to change the way games are experienced and we look forward to playing a part of the initial movement into this new dimension of entertainment."

Published: 23/06/2010

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