Nintendo reveals big-name franchises coming to 3DS

Nintendo may have only just revealed its high-tech new 3DS handheld, but it has already confirmed that some of its biggest franchises are coming to the system.

Old-school gamers will likely be most excited by Kid Icarus: Uprising, a long-awaited and much-requested follow-up to the 1980s NES classic Kid Icarus.

The game will see angelic hero Pit, who previously made a memorable guest appearance in Wii fighter Super Smash Bros. Brawl, swooping back into action in a three-dimensional action adventure.

Retro fans will also be well catered for by StarFox 64 3D, an updated handheld version of the beloved Nintendo 64 space shooter which adds a third dimension to the interstellar adventures of Fox McCloud and company.

Meanwhile, newer Nintendo fans will be delighted to learn that the gamemaker is also working on Nintendogs + Cats, a new version of the bestselling virtual pet game which introduces feline friends for the first time ever.

Published: 18/06/2010

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