Nintendo unveils glasses-free 3DS at E3

Nintendo has given a first public outing for the 3DS, its groundbreaking new handheld console which will literally taking DS gaming into the next dimension.

The sleek console resembles a normal DS but boasts a hoard of new upgrades, including better graphics, a widescreen upper display, in-built motion sensors and a Slide Pad for precise analogue control.

However, the headline feature is its 3D visuals, which allow players to experience three-dimensional images without the need for special glasses.

It will include a slider to adjust the level of the 3D effect and will be able to play back 3D Hollywood films such as How to Train Your Dragon, while the in-built cameras will even let users snap three-dimensional photos.

Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto said: "The additional dimension of depth in 3D makes it easier for players to judge distances while giving developers a new tool to create games and experiences that play with both height and depth."

The 3DS' impressive range of features will no doubt help to convince gamers that it is a worthy successor to the DS, which earlier this year became the best-selling console ever launched in the UK.

Published: 17/06/2010

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