Halo Wars fits into universe

Halo Wars "does a good job fitting into the Halo universe" and features an "interesting" story, one reviewer has argued.

Nigel Clark from Gamefreaks has stated that gamers are eased into the title when taking part in the single player mode, with the opening missions following "simple scenarios".

When a gamer begins to progress further into later missions they will see the attractive story unravel, while experiencing some of the title's cut scenes, which are described by Mr Clark as "absolutely gorgeous".

However, he highlighted that most of the long-lasting aspects of the game may take place in the multiplayer arena, with gamers given the choice from "two well balanced factions to play with".

He concluded that in comparison to other role playing strategy games, Halo Wars is a "solid performer", although those familiar with playing similar games on the PC may have some grievances.

The title is developed by Ensemble Studios and is an exclusive game for the Xbox 360.

Published: 06/04/2009

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