A million sales for Halo Wars

Halo Wars has passed the one million sales milestone worldwide, making it the best-selling real-time strategy game on a next-gen console, it has been revealed.

The Xbox 360-exclusive is set in the year 2525, with gamers at the forefront of the early battles between the Covenant and the UNSC in the Halo universe.

Another milestone reached by the title thus far is that 2.6 million multiplayer matches have currently been played online, which combined together rack up to over 118 years of time spent by gamers tackling Halo Wars.

Furthermore, it is believed that each day on average witnesses around 200,000 fans of the title embarking on a gameplay session on Xbox Live.

Jonathan Weinberg indicated in a review of Halo Wars for the Times that the title is "no mere cash in" on the success of the franchise.

He revealed the title is "far more intuitive" compared with other strategy games and avoids following the recognised run-and-shoot gameplay familiar with past Halo offerings.

Published: 23/03/2009

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