Halo Wars defies negative expectations

Despite the fact that first-person shooter titles and real time strategy games have little in common, Halo Wars defies any negative expectations, a reviewer has stated.

Writing for the Telegraph, Nick Cowen believes the game is "so good" that it goes against the belief that Microsoft is simply trying to milk its successful franchise.

He argues that the game's developer Ensemble Studios has "wisely" kept everything that had proved successful in past game instalments, such as the sound effects and voice-acting.

Also the cut-scenes and in-game graphics "are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous", with the game stated as being one of the best looking to ever be available on a console.

Overall, Mr Cowen remarks that the title "is lots of fun to play, while remaining true to the franchise's stylistic roots".

Halo Wars recently debuted in second spot in the UK ChartTrack All Formats Top 40 behind fellow new title Killzone 2.

The game is only available on the Xbox 360, with gamers playing as one of the characters from the United Nations Space Command faction.

Published: 05/03/2009

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