Destiny: no major changes planned following beta

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Bungie and publisher Activision are apparently very happy with the result of the recent Destiny beta trial. So much so that they're not planning any major gameplay or network changes, just general tweaks and tidying up, which is just as well since the game is out in a month's time.

One of the more famous improvements was to edit the voice acting of Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, whose flat delivery of lines such as "That wizard came from the moon" quickly became an internet meme. His voice will have a robotic filter applied to it in the final game, and the moon wizard line has, sadly, been cut.

"I would describe this as tweaks and not major changes, as we saw the fundamentals of the game to be very strong," Activision's Eric Hirshberg said. "And the good news is because we got 4.6 million players into the beta we were able to test the back-end in scale and it performed really well and stably. We think we’re ready for a great launch with a great partner in Bungie."

Those 4.6m players mean that the beta has broken a few records, making it the biggest console beta of this hardware generation, and the biggest console beta ever for a new game series.

Destiny is out on September 9th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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