Evolve slips to February 2015

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It took billions of years for life to evolve on Earth, and millions for humans to evolve, so it's understandable that Turtle Rock wants a few more months to polish up Evolve, its ambitious co-op monster hunting game.

The studio, best known for the fantastic and timeless Left 4 Dead, was due in late October but will now make its debut on February 10th next year. The news comes from publisher Take Two, which revealed the date change in a financial report.

The game pitches a team of four players as class-based human hunters against a monster, controlled by a fifth player. The monster can also hunt the players, and the other wildlife in each stage, growing and evolving new powers as they go. With movies like Pacific Rim and Godzilla cleaning up at the box office, its a concept that has gamers drooling.

The silver lining is that Xbox One owners won't have to wait that long to have a little play. Microsoft's console will host the game's beta trial before launch, and will also get early access to all of the game's DLC when it launches.

Once again, Evolve is now due on February 10th 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Published: 06/08/2014

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