White Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles incoming

For whatever reason, black is now the default colour for new consoles, but that's about to get switched as both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed special edition white versions of their latest hardware.

Sony's sleek white PlayStation 4 will launch as a bundle with Bungie's sumptuous Destiny on September 9th and will also be available to buy separately soon after. If you're a fan of B&Q paint charts, the technical term for this 500Gb model is actually Glacier White and you'll also be able to get matching white controllers as well as ones marked with urban camouflage.

Microsoft, meanwhile, will be releasing a white Xbox One as part of a bundle with Insomniac's brightly coloured co-op shooter Sunset Overdrive. No price or release date has been confirmed for the bundle, but the game is due at the end of October.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has bleached its baby. When the Xbox One was released last year, Microsoft employees got what was then a unique white console to show how special they were. Not any more. Now everybody can be special!

The wealthy among you may wish to consider buying black and white versions of each console in bulk to create a gigantic next generation piano.

Published: 05/08/2014

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