Top 3DS Handheld Games for your 2014 Holidays

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As we all know, a true gamer never stops playing even when they’re on their hols. Whether it’s a trip to a sun-kissed tropical paradise, a tour of some ancient region with a rich cultural history or, erm, Magaluf, our cravings demand to be fed wherever we are.

And it’s the reason why handhelds are still so relevant – from playing on the toilet or on a coach trip, a game is never further away than your pocket. And 3DS owners have the pick of the bunch, its library of titles offering an enticing selection of goodies to see off any vacation downtime:

Tomodachi Life

This Sims-lite simulator sees your Mii touching down on an island to live and play. Use StreetPass to import your friend and family’s Miis or create your own before playing mini-games to keep them happy and checking in on the bizarre, often funny dramas that unfold as your community swells.

Pokémon X & Y

The gaming phenomena continues – this time introducing a new sixth generation of critters to nurture plus for the first time ever, 3D graphics that finally make the visuals pop as much as the gameplay.

Mario Kart 7

The legendary racer is squeezed onto the handheld, now sporting 3D graphics and featuring the full-fat MK experience, all in one tiny package. So accomplished is the racer that it offers one of the biggest, deepest versions of the series yet plus a host of brilliant multiplayer options.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

The iconic action adventure made its 3DS debut in 2011, instantly reminding us why it remains a peerless classic with its superior puzzling, updated graphics and sense of wonder as you explore the land of Hyrule.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club

Never mind the po-faced in-depth antics of Football Manager and its ilk – instead enjoy this simple but sublime management game which lets you be a big cheese in the world of footie. Decide on tactics and strategies whether on or off the pitch – and sit on the edge of your plane seat as you watch the fantastic 2D matches play out. Biting option not included.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Spread out over 80-plus levels, this is the definitive 2D platformer for Nintendo’s handheld, offering all the series’ trademark imagination and ingenuity in the palm of your suntan lotion-smeared palms. Bliss.

Published: 11/07/2014

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