FIFA 15 Preview

FIFA 15 preview.

Football fans around the world will deal with the harsh realisation of doing something else with their time after the winning club hoists the prestigious World Cup trophy in Brazil; on a more tragic note, the host country will be left to ponder life without injured superstar forward, Neymar, after he suffered a severe injury in the win over Colombia, and the less we say about that Germany game the better.

Of course, players will eventually return to their respective teams and it’ll be business as usual across the various leagues. In addition, EA Sports will publish FIFA 15 the 26th of September, and if the handful of videos and details are any indication, this will be the greatest entry in the landmark franchise, particularly when it comes to the most lifelike graphics we’ve seen in a sports video game.

FIFA 14 captivated players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but we all knew that Xbox 360 and PS3 were the lead platforms. The game looked great on the newly released next-generation systems, but everyone had much bigger dreams about the FIFA titles to come. This is one of many reasons why copies of FIFA 15 will fly off shelves. It’s a visual showpiece for the hardware, the sort of game you purchase not just to play ferociously into the early morning hours, but one that inspires you to show off the finest of details to anyone who’ll entertain your passionate cries, like the way players pick up grass and mud stains over time.

FIFA 15 preview.

Unrivaled graphics bring the intensity of football to life

Speaking of players, they’ve never appeared more realistic, not only in the way EA modelled their faces, but also the emotions they display. Each of the 22 active players react to what happens on the field, be it scoring a goal, receiving a red card or being on the business end of a dirty move; there are more than 600 emotional responses in FIFA 15. For example, a player repeatedly fouled by a rival may eventually get in that person’s face, which is something we don’t often see in sports games, the fire ignited by heated competition. On a side note, we imagine the ten-player goal celebrations will get the blood pumping.

In addition, players now feature realistic hair movement and lifelike breathing, which looks so incredible it’s downright creepy, as the developers inch several steps closer to the uncanny valley.

Regarding the pitch, the field will display wear and tear as the match progresses. Footprints leave marks in the grass, and you’ll see splashes of water kicked up during rainfall. On top of that, corner flags will bend whenever the ball or player brushes into one, and the goal itself will rattle if said ball ricochets off a bar instead of sailing into the net; expect to see animated LED boards in each stadium.

For some players, the crowd is just as important as the action on the pitch. It’s one thing to see fans going crazy, but it’s another to feel the intensity. That will hopefully change with FIFA 15. EA will add fans unique to different teams and countries, with signature chants and bits of noise.

FIFA 15 preview.

Upgraded gameplay featuring superior tactical control

Naturally, there’s more to FIFA 15 than aesthetics and impressive audio. Teams will adjust their tactics depending on the situation. If a club is up by a goal in the 89th minute, expect the entire team to play a more conservative game to close out the opponent. Conversely, the team down a goal will become more aggressive and desperate to score.

Beyond that, players will constantly battle for position, even if it means grabbing jerseys. The bigger emphasis on emotional play will result in shoulder barges and full body defending as players dramatically crash to the ground or emerge victorious and in full possession of the ball. At the same time, improvements to ball control allow for precision dribbling at low and high speeds.

We didn’t think it was possible to tweak ball physics further, but that’s exactly what EA did. The football reacts based on the part of the body it flies off of, be it chest, head or leg. This allows gamers to experience different spin on the ball as they pass to teammates or take a shot on goal.

Finally, and this is arguably the best tactical feature, you can control multiple players at once. This carries over to free kicks, corner kicks and throw-ins, all of which you’ll perform using the right stick.

In a league of its own

There’s bound to be more information leading up to release, but for now, there’s little if anything to worry about with FIFA 15. EA Sports seems committed to unleashing the true next-gen football game we demanded the moment FIFA 14 arrived, and we can’t wait to experience everything – graphics and gameplay – in high definition glory.

Published: 11/07/2014

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