Lavish Destiny special editions detailed

We're only a few months away from the launch of Destiny, the eagerly anticipated multiplayer shooter from Halo studio Bungie. In order to crank that anticipation a little higher, publisher Activision has now revealed what will be in the various special editions of the game.

The Limited Edition contains a Guardian Folio, which includes Arms & Armament Field Guide, postcards from the Golden Age and an antique Star Chart; the Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack, which includes unique Ghost casing, exclusive player emblem, exclusive player ship variant and the Destiny Expansion Pass, which includes access to two expansion coming post-launch. All of this comes lovingly encased inside a limited edition SteelBook box along with the game itself.

If you fancy spending a bit more, you can get the Ghost Edition. This comes with everything in the Limited Edition box, plus a replica of Ghost, the sardonic companion drone voiced in-game by Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage. The replica has motion-activated lights and voice recordings from Dinklage. You'll also get a letter of introduction and a selection of physical Golden Age Relics, which include a Photo, Patch, Sticker and two Chrome slides of the Traveller.

A beta trial for the game recently ended, but there's another starting up very soon. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 players can jump back in from July 17th, while Xbox One and Xbox 360 players can join the fun on July 23rd. To get into the beta, you just need to pre-order the game.

Destiny is released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on September 9th.

Published: 09/07/2014

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