Gone Home gets a retail release this week

Gone Home retail release.

Critically acclaimed "story exploration game" Gone Home hits the shelves this week, as the award-winning title gets a long awaited boxed retail release.

In the first-person adventure, set in 1990, you play as Kaitlin Greenbriar as she arrives at her family's new Oregon home after a year travelling around Europe. It's a stormy night, but nobody seems to be home. As you let yourself in and begin to explore, you find objects and notes that explain what happened to your parents and sister while you were away.

There's no action, no horror, no violence - just a human story, of the kind that film, TV and books have been able to tell for decades. Developed by The Fullbright Company, made up of people who worked on the Bioshock series, Gone Home opens up a new area of interactive drama for gaming.

Gone Home will be hitting stores on July 3rd for PC and Mac.

Published: 01/07/2014

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