Titanfall 2 may include a single player campaign

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One of the notable things about EA's mech-smashing blockbuster Titanfall was that it didn't have a traditional single player FPS campaign mode. Now developer Respawn has spoken about its willingness to explore a beefier single player experience in future instalments.

“Would I rule it out for the future? Certainly not,” Respawn chief Dusty Welch told Game Informer when asked about a more typical story-driven campaign mode.” “But I think that there’s a lot of reward in continuing to push the paradigm that Titanfall introduced, which is this always connected, real live visceral multiplayer universe. We learned a lot, and I think it’s up to us to think about how we apply the learning to make the next game even more expansive and more engaging than the first.”

Welch also shared his thoughts on the prospect of turning Titanfall into a professional eSports title. “I think it would be interesting to take some more steps in the eSports direction,” he admitted. “I don’t know if we will, though. There’s obviously a lot of work to do in the game and in the code and in the spectator mode and some others things. I think it’s certainly something that the audience is begging for, and it gives us a lot of encouragement thinking beyond this current Titanfall and into the future.”

Of course, the first Titanfall is still very much on Respawn's mind. The game is about to receive a major free content update, which will add a new Marked For Death game mode as well as Titan customisation options.

Titanfall is out now for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Published: 27/06/2014

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