Destiny Multiplayer Hands-On at GAME

Destiny multiplayer hands-on at GAME.

From the great minds that brought you Halo, comes a shared world shooter, the first in its class; Destiny. We've explored the solo experience, Sparrows and character customization included, and now we delve deeper into the multiplayer experience that Destiny has to offer.

The Crucible is undoubtedly a name you'll be very familiar with once getting your hands-on Destiny. It is home to the multiplayer experience and where you'll join a team of six Guardians to become a legend. We were dropped into the map, spawning close to our team mates, where we were advised to capture and hold targets across the vast map.

Wired up through voice chat, and physically standing next to my fellow Guardians meant that we could effectively plan our strategy. Deciding to stick together, we ventured forth into the wasteland. Used to my Hunter in previous experiences, I stuck close to the group and got to grips with my controls, I was now a Warlock. R1 no longer supplied me with my trusty knife attack but instead a harsh force push towards my target, I mentally made a note as this was bound to be useful later in a tricky situation.

The map was large, but our targets that needed to be successfully captured were not difficult to find, and instead provided an exciting journey to each new flag. Easy to navigate, the map was evenly created in the sense that there were wide open spaces, as well as bunkers and vantage points. Although travelling by foot is welcomed, I hopped into one of the many vehicles on offer that also included weapons on board. Of course, if you need to make a quick exit, there's also the opportunity to summon your Sparrow, if you have enough space.

We were successfully branching out and capturing multiple targets across the map until our enemies seemed to master the art of using the weapons on board the variety of vehicles, proving very difficult for us to combat its power.

It seemed that this was the winning edge for our rivals and they took home two victories. Yet, it didn't quite matter, as upon our defeat I turned to all my team mates who echoed, "That was fun!" There's no denying that multiplayer in Destiny IS fun. Whether you're a winner or a loser, there's enough within the maps to simply experience. And hey, perhaps we just need some practice, aye?

We'll be checking out even more Destiny throughout E3, stay tuned for our Fireteam impressions.

Destiny multiplayer hands-on at GAME.


Destiny multiplayer hands-on at GAME. Destiny multiplayer hands-on at GAME. Destiny multiplayer hands-on at GAME. Destiny multiplayer hands-on at GAME. Destiny multiplayer hands-on at GAME.

Published: 12/06/2014

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