Goat Simulator coming to retail

GAME news: Goat simulator is getting a boxed retail release on PC.

No bleating about the bush with this story: indie PC sensation Goat Simulator is getting a boxed retail release, courtesy of Koch Media.

The game caused a wave of internet hilarity when it was released online at the end of March. Created by Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios as a joke, the company ended up releasing it after the spoof video attracted widespread attention and fans clamouring to play the game themselves.

As the title suggests, you play as a belligerent goat in a small sandbox town. You can charge into things with your head, and also grab things with your elastic tongue. The game contains dozens of secrets and Easter egg surprises to find, including crop circles which summon UFOs, a Satanic ritual site and unlockable character skins that give you additional powers. You can even invade Coffee Stain's own studio, and play Flappy Goat on a computer. New maps and extra features, such as multiplayer, have been added as free updates.

It's silly, and there's no wider point to your mayhem beyond earning points and laughing at the weird physics, but it went down quite well with the specialist gaming press. "While Goat Simulator is a joke, it's at least one in which the player is a willing participant," said Eurogamer.

Goat Simulator will be available on disc from May 23rd. We're not kidding.

Published: 25/04/2014

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