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Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster Review for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita at GAME

Square Enix is no stranger to enhancing previously released Final Fantasy games for newer platforms. It was nearly a year ago when the publisher announced it would bring both Final Fantasy X and its spectacular sequel, Final Fantasy X2, to PlayStation 3. Shortly after the initial announcement, the company also revealed Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster would make its way to the PS Vita. After experiencing a short delay, the games will soon debut and provide even more reasons why die-hard fans should pick up this attractive bundle.

A Complete Final Fantasy X | X-2 Experience

Square Enix didn't simply throw a coat of HD paint over Final Fantasy X | X-2. The developers also improved the game's textures, which makes playing these adventures on either the PlayStation 3 or PS Vita a more pleasurable experience. Final Fantasy X | X-2 also come with full trophy support and a completely rearranged soundtrack that sounds fabulous when compared to the originals. You would never guess that both titles originally launched on the PlayStation 2.

Both versions Final Fantasy X and X-2 are based on the International versions, which were only available in Europe and Japan. The international version contained a few extra bonuses that veteran Final Fantasy X | X-2 players will thoroughly enjoy, like the option of using an Expert Sphere Grid, Dark Aeons and additional costumes. There's more, as Square Enix also squeezed in a Creature Creator, a Fiend Arena, and a special presentation called "Eternal Calm" that helps bridge the gap between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Phew!

Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster Review for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita at GAME

Still the Same X | X-2 You Know So Well

With all of the improvements Square Enix made to Final Fantasy X | X-2, one of the main reasons you should consider picking up this game is the fun combat systems featured in both adventures. Each employs traditional turn-based battle mechanics that utilize a grid-leveling system, though Final Fantasy X-2's use of dresspheres make the title unique. Dresspheres let you change the characters' outfits, which imbue them with special abilities. As you upgrade each dressphere, you can then earn special outfits that open up new abilities in addition to new looks.

As fun as both combat systems are, there's no denying the story in Final Fantasy X is one of the most impactful and surprising in recent RPG memory. You'll once again journey across Spira, along with Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, Auron and others as you come together to rid the word of Sin. Once you complete Final Fantasy X, you can dive into Final Fantasy X-2, which offers one of the most interesting experiences you'll probably ever have in a video game.

Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster Review for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita at GAME

Take Your Adventure Wherever You Want

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster is available on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, with both versions of the game supporting cross saves. This means you can start your game on your PlayStation 3, upload your save file onto the PlayStation network and then continue from where you left off on PS Vita. Unfortunately, in order to enjoy this feature, you'll need to purchase Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster on both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, as Square Enix didn't make them a cross-platform purchase, and you have to really like both games to buy this package twice. Regardless of which platform you choose, though, this bundle is a worthwhile experience ideal for veterans and newcomers.

GAME's Verdict: 8/10

The Good:

  • HD graphics look great
  • Classic Final Fantasy experience available on newer gaming platforms in one low-priced package!
  • Cross-save compatibility

The Bad:

  • Some character animations don't look so great
  • Need to buy both PS3 & PS Vita versions for cross saves
  • Unable to skip cut scenes

Published: 17/03/2014

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