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South Park The Stick of Truth Review for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC at GAME

Meet Some Friends Of Mine

The long-awaited RPG, South Park: The Stick of Truth begins with a new kid moving into South Park, Colorado, along with his parents. Once you settle in, your parents instruct you to go out and meet new friends, though they may have changed their minds if they knew the sorts of children living in this quiet mountain town. South Park is a small place, which means everyone knew you were coming and expects you to do great things. From there, you take your first step in this surprisingly fun and hilarious adventure, one that fans shouldn't miss.

The creators of South Park wanted The Stick of Truth to be as true to the show as possible. This means all of the visuals, audio and everything in between will feel like an episode of the popular television show. It also means that if you don't watch South Park, you might be left out on a number of references during your time with the game. Thankfully, The Stick of Truth can still entertain players who have watched little to none of the long-running series, as it has its own unique story to follow.

As you progress through South Park, you'll make friends with many of the townsfolk that populate the town. This includes main characters like Stan, Kenny, Kyle and of course Cartman, but also Officer Barbrady, Al Gore and Cartman's Mom. Unlike real life, you'll be able to use the amount of friends you have in South Park to unlock special perks that offer a number of advantages. Some of the friends you make in The Stick of Truth may even fight by your side.

South Park The Stick of Truth Review for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC at GAME

A Beefcake RPG

South Park: The Stick of Truth was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, a company that is no stranger to role-playing games. For this title, however, Obsidian created an RPG experience that isn't as hardcore as games like Fallout: New Vegas or Dungeon Siege III. Much of the gear you carry in The Stick of Truth is mostly for aesthetic purposes, leaving you to change your weapon and armour infrequently.

The combat system is turn-based, meaning each hero takes his or her turn attacking enemies, one after the other. You'll take advantage of items, wield melee and ranged weapons and activate abilities during battles. The combat system offers a bit of sophistication, as you'll learn how to defeat certain enemies based on their positions on the battlefield, whether or not they're wearing armour and a number of other variables. The Stick of Truth does a great job holding the player's hand while he or she learns the combat system, often times throwing in a joke or two for good measure.

South Park The Stick of Truth Review for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC at GAME

Bigger, Longer... But Not As Long As We'd Like

Most RPGs are known for taking hours to complete, but The Stick of Truth should last anywhere between 10-to-20 hours depending how much of a completionist you are. This is ultimately a good or bad thing. On one hand, you don't have to dedicate weeks of gaming to complete the title, while on the other, die-hard South Park fans may want more.

South Park is known for being a show that takes a sophomoric look at pop culture while making the occasional poignant statement. If you're a fan of the television show, then you'll be happy to know everything you love about South Park is in The Stick of Truth, as you'll not only enjoy the dirty language and fart jokes you've come to love, but also a worthwhile RPG experience. Don't miss it.

GAME's Verdict: 9/10

The Good:

  • Game feels like an episode of South Park.
  • Genuinely funny moments throughout.
  • A South Park fan's dream game, with plenty of show references.

The Bad:

  • Even though it's an RPG, don't expect a long and meaningful experience.
  • RPG elements are basic by today's standards.
  • Way too many fart jokes.

Published: 06/03/2014

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