Review Roundup - South Park: The Stick of Truth

It's been a long and often difficult road for Obsidian's South Park RPG to reach the shelves, after original publisher THQ went bust and the game was delayed. But this week The Stick of Truth finally goes on sale and according to the critical reaction it seems fans are in for a treat.

"An absolutely note-perfect adaptation of the legendarily scatological TV show into an interactive form," says Eurogamer's 8/10 review. "Rather than loosely draping a South Park skin over a generic game, developer Obsidian has created a South Park story that just happens to be a role-playing game."

Polygon agrees, giving the game a score of 8.5. "This is an experience that even the most casual fan of South Park is going to get something out of, and one of the truest translations from screen to game I can recall," it says. "Other games treated the world Matt Stone and Trey Parker have crystallized over the past two decades as a prison they have to escape from. The Stick of Truth happily confines itself to that world, and manages to build a comfortable, hilarious home of its own."

Even the famously choosy gamer's bible Edge is praising the game for its no-holds-barred comedy. "Never knowingly understated, The Stick Of Truth is boisterous, provocative, puerile and fearless in its desire to shock and offend," reads the 8/10 review. "The game that fans of the series have always wanted," declares NowGamer. "A faithful and wonderfully paced interpretation of the TV series."

So if you've ever wanted to take part in your own South Park story, and have a strong stomach for humour that goes out of its way to offend absolutely everyone, then this looks like being worth the wait.

Published: 04/03/2014

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