Titanfall is inclusive by design, says Respawn`

Titanfall, the new mech-based first person shooter from the creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, has now reached the end of its short but sweet public beta trial and one fact has become very clear: this game is easy to get into.

From the smart pistol that automatically locks on to enemies to impressive and elegant parkour moves that can be pulled off at the push of a button, it's an experience that does more than most shooters to level the playing field between hardcore players and curious newcomers. Some took to the game's official forum to accuse Respawn of dumbing the genre down, but the developer's Fairfax McCandlish responded to explain why that's not the case.

"Titanfall is designed to be inclusive," he posted. "We want many different skills to be valid. For example, pure aiming (tracking or snapping) is often favored over leading in shooters, so we added weapons that have travel time or fire projectiles. Parkour and smart pistol reward maneuvering skill. Pilot combat is highly lethal (low time to kill) whereas Titan combat is low lethality (higher time to kill)."

"Each play style requires different skills, and all are valid in Titanfall," he continued. "The reason for inclusive design is not just to sell the most copies. Inclusive design gives you a wider variety of opponents and situations. It is part of the appeal of asymmetry in games... We did not set out to design a narrow band game. Shooters famously have several already. What they do not have is a place for fans of different shooters to get together on common ground and settle things once and for all."

Titanfall is published by EA and is a Microsoft exclusive. It's out for Xbox One and PC on March 14, with the Xbox 360 version following on March 28.

Published: 18/02/2014

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