D4 will offer full-body Kinect control and possibly facial capture

D4, the upcoming Xbox One exclusive from Deadly Premonition creator Hidetaka 'Swerty65' Suehiro, will make a lot of use of Kinect, with the core concept of the game inspired by motion control.

"The original Kinect was enough for me to come up with the concept for D4," Suehiro has told the Official Xbox Magazine, "but for using the player's whole body in various poses, the new Kinect is indispensable."

Yes, he's very excited about what the Kinect 2.0 can do, and is even looking into using its ability to detect facial expressions to influence gameplay. "For one thing, it can now track all your fingers, and for another it lets you play sitting down," he says. "Voice control makes the interaction more responsive, and you can get closer to the screen and even play in a dark room. The new Kinect can even read your facial expression, so I'm currently finding a way to implement the player's empathy."

However, motion control will be entirely optional. "You'll be able to play with a controller if you're too embarrassed to use Kinect," Suehiro reveals.

D4 is an episodic adventure about a private detective called David Young, who is investigating the murder of his wife. His only clue is the letter "D", and his newfound ability to relive past memories. Each episode will be a self-contained flashback story, playable in any order, but only by completing them all will you be able to solve the case and - perhaps - change history itself.

Published: 11/02/2014

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