World of Tanks has an Xbox 360 release date

Global PC smash World of Tanks finally has a release date for the Xbox 360, where it will be published by Microsoft.

The game will rumble onto the console on February 12th, developer Wargaming has confirmed. The game is free to play, but requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription. If you don't have one, you'll be granted a week's free Gold sub when you download World of Tanks, which is nice.

It's a multiplayer tank combat game set in the Second World War, in which you trundle into battle against fellow armoured warriors. You can restock with supplies, boost your XP or buy premium tanks by purchasing Top Up cards from GAME.

World of Tanks will launch with 100 iconic tanks from the US, Britain and Germany. More will be added, along with additional features, in future updates. "The title will feature revamped controls, matchmaking, a new user interface and other features to take advantage of the Xbox 360's technological capabilities and online features," adds Wargaming.

Published: 05/02/2014

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