Halo tactics won't work in Destiny multiplayer says Bungie

Destiny, the shared-world multiplayer role-playing shooter hybrid from Halo creators Bungie will be a very different game to the Xbox FPS that everyone knows, design lead Lars Bakken has explained.

He revealed this vital info during the latest production podcast, lovingly transcribed by the good folk at Official Xbox Magazine. "Skill is very important," said Bakken, "[But] it's not just your thumb skill, it's understanding how you are outfitting yourself, what weapons you are taking, what choices you have made in your build and then understanding how to use them properly."

It's this RPG style flexibility that means whatever strategies you used to use to dominate in Halo multiplayer won't be relevant in Destiny. Characters will be much more agile and mobile, able to double jump and even teleport. You'll need to think your way past their defences, rather than relying on a shotgun blast to the face.

"The thing that was really hard for us at first, was trying to make movement modes make sense and not feel too powerful," Bakken confesses. "And not make it so that we couldn't control where the players were going and how they interact with each other. What used to work in Halo, doesn't work as well in Destiny."

Destiny is due out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 9th.

Published: 22/01/2014

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