Editor's Choice - PlayStation 4 Exclusives Coming in 2014

Editor's Choice

SONY has gone out of its way to reassure us gamers that the PlayStation 4 is all about, well, games. And it's a marketing message that's hit a home run judging from the console's stonking sales figures - but has the PS4 got the exclusives in 2014 to back up that philosophy?

inFAMOUS Second Son for PlayStation 4 at GAME

inFAMOUS: Second Son

Release Date: 21st March

One of SONY's premium franchises, the series' free-running open worlds have always been enticing - you're a 'mutant' blessed with superhero powers, able to bound through streets and climb up buildings while laying waste to the enemy with your supercharged fingertips. Second Son's biggest standout feature when compared to its illustrious forefathers is just how fluid the gameplay feels - from traversing the Seattle cityscape using shafts of neon to letting yourself be sucked up by vents from ground level to the top of skyscrapers using your 'smoke' abilities, you feel genuinely super-heroic. And without the need for spandex pants or a silly-looking cape.

#DriveClub for PlayStation 4 at GAME


Release Date: Early 2014

While we all groaned in disappointment when this racer was pushed back from launching alongside the PS4, hopes remain high for a fresh twist on the driving-ruddy-quickly genre. With the focus firmly on social instead of just solo action, team up with buddies and work together to garner 'fame' so your club becomes all-conquering. From the makers of Motorstorm, we're expecting great, alloy-rimmed things. Don't let us down, SONY...

The Order 1886 for PlayStation 4 at GAME

The Order: 1886

Release Date: Autumn 2014

Details remain scarce about this action adventure - but the premise itself is alluring enough. Set in Victorian London (think Jack the Ripper), you are one of a team of knights charged with fighting an ancient foe of half-man, half-critter, erm, things. Instead of pistols at dawn though, your team has a mass of proper, modernistic weaponry at its disposal to dispatch the evil with thanks to the game's 'alternate reality' take. An intriguing proposition then and one that's made all the more enticing when you learn that it's being developed by ex-members of Naughty Dog...

The Witness for PlayStation 4 at GAME

The Witness

Release Date: Early 2014

The man who gave us the clever indie hit Braid, Jonathan Blow, is back with the ambitious The Witness. A first-person NON-shooter (smelling salts, matron!), you're deposited on a beautifully-realised deserted island and are charged with solving a host of puzzles to unlock its many mysteries. A welcome change of pace from handbrake turns and repressing gunfire, The Witness underlines SONY's commitment to the indie scene on the PS4 - now it's up to Blow to deliver.

Published: 16/01/2014

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