Left 4 Dead studio reveals co-op monster shooter Evolve

Turtle Rock, the development studio that created Left 4 Dead, has revealed Evolve, a fantastic sounding next gen co-op shooter.

As with the zombie blasting Left 4 Dead, players must work together in a team of four to take down aggressive monster foes in order to make planets safe for colonising. Character classes include Assault, Medic, Support and Trapper, and each one comes equipped with a jetpack as well as unique special abilities. The Trapper, for example, can generate a "portable arena" that seals the local area, ensuring your target can't escape.

There's a twist, of course. The monster you're hunting is also controlled by a fifth player, and as the game's title suggests they're not going to be a pushover. By devouring the local wildlife, the monster player can level up and enter a vulnerable cocoon stage, after which it emerges in increasingly powerful and deadly forms. Turtle Rock has already revealed that the first monster - Goliath - can grow to 30 feet tall, and can gain extra skills like fire breathing.

Each map also includes a special objective that the monster player must complete, but only after they've fully evolved. Otherwise, downing all four players at once will result in victory, while the human players just have to take down the monster to win. The 30 foot fire breathing monster. Dead easy, right?

Evolve will be published by 2K and is due this Autumn for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Published: 15/01/2014

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