The Walking Dead Season 2 dated for Xbox 360

Telltale Games has announced the launch date for its long awaited second season of The Walking Dead. Happily, it's December 19th, just in time for Christmas, so you can celebrate the season of peace and goodwill by barely surviving the zombie apocalypse and making heart-wrenching emotional decisions in which characters you love die horribly. Just like every year.

The second season finds Clementine, the young girl from the first season, promoted to lead character. Telltale promises that decisions made previously will be carried across to the new story, via your save file.

The developer has also hinted that there may be closer ties to the hit TV show, despite the game technically being based on the original comic book series rather than its small screen adaptation. "There's nothing saying our characters couldn't cross over with their characters at some point in the timeline," Telltale boss Dan Connors told Polygon earlier this year. "It's a very interesting concept for us."

As with the first season of The Walking Dead, a retail boxset containing all episodes is planned after the downloadable series has concluded.

Published: 11/12/2013

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