Telltale Games announces Game of Thrones and Borderlands adventure ...

Adventure game specialist Telltale Games has unveiled two cool new titles currently in development.

The studio, best known for the award-winning and emotionally-gruelling The Walking Dead, has partnered with HBO to develop an episodic gaming series based on blood-stained fantasy epic Game of Thrones. The game is due to launch next year and will apparently feature giant battles alongside the more intimate moral choices that are the developer's speciality.

George R.R. Martin's rich world of Westeros certainly offers plenty of intrigue and life or death situations for players to engage with, but it remains to be seen how Telltale will navigate drastic player choices in a story that has already been committed to the page and the screen. Game of Thrones is due in 2014.

In an even more unlikely collaboration, Telltale has also revealed that it is working with Gearbox on Tales from the Borderlands, an adventure game spin-off from the famously bonkers co-op shooter-RPG hybrid series. "You get to shoot stuff, but in a different way. In a Telltale way," said studio president Kevin Bruner. "It's big, it's bombastic, there's all sorts of crazy stuff going on."

As well as these two tantalising projects, Telltale also recently launched The Wolf Among Us, an episode adventure based on the Fables graphic novel series, and is currently gearing up for the imminent launch of the eagerly awaited The Walking Dead Season 2 later this month. Busy, busy, busy.

Published: 09/12/2013

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