Editor's Choice - Xbox One Launch Games

Editor's Choice

The next gen is finally upon us. First out of the gate is Microsoft's Xbox One, ready to bewitch you with its fancy pants Kinect-powered controls, app multitasking and more. But never mind all that; at the core of any console should be, you know, games - so what should you be buying on day one?

Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One at GAME

Dead Rising 3

The zombie apocalypse goes next gen with this latest instalment in Capcom's gore-fest series that sees you carving through literally hundreds of the undead on screen. Playing as mechanic Nick Ramos, veterans will enjoy turning huge amounts of everyday objects into comically lethal weaponry, playing with some seriously smart, erm, SmartGlass functionality and exploring an entire city (with zero loading times). Yes, Dead Rising 3 is darker in look than previous entries - but it still has the series' trademark absurdity at its heart.

Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One at GAME

Zoo Tycoon

The follow-up to the impossibly cute Kinectimals on Xbox 360, this beautiful-looking game is ideal for folks who don't fancy the idea of their kids carving out the brain pans of the undead. Instead, little ones can build their own zoos, clear up droppings and pull silly faces at animals using Kinect (who'll respond in kind). With a strong eco message running through the game, this is perfect family-friendly fodder.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for Xbox One at GAME

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

After a stumble with the sometimes laborious AC III, the time-travelling-by-gene-pool parkour series is back and in far more feisty form as you take to the seas of the Caribbean circa 1715. The pirate captain of the Jackdaw, you're charged with uncovering yet another bonkers Templar conspiracy in the series' first truly open world with One owners able to enjoy extra splanglier bits (oh, nice grass and waves, me hearties!). Most importantly though, the game delivers hours of exploration and stealth-kills plus sea battles so epic, you can taste the salt. And sea sickness.

Need For Speed Rivals for Xbox One at GAME

Need For Speed: Rivals

Rip up tarmac in Redview County as either a racer trying to evade the cops or as the latter, trying to stop the speeding deviants in their tracks. Smooth, gorgeous graphics are to be expected of course but NFD:R's seamless blending of single and multiplayer action into one intoxicatingly fraught world is truly enticing, next-gen stuff. Swear jar recommended.

Honourable Mentions

Battlefield 4

Premium first-person action comes to Xbox One; shoot bad guys and chest bump in the okay single-player campaign but more importantly, the really rather brilliant multiplayer.


Better looking stadia and spruced up animation seals the deal for this, the world's greatest footie sim now on Xbox One.

Published: 21/11/2013

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