Why Forza 5 has less cars than Forza 4

Developer Turn 10 has explained why the upcoming Forza 5 has 200 cars compared to 400 in Forza 4. It's because the developer wanted to "be the standard for next-generation" by not carrying over old car models and bumping up the resolution. Instead, while the game has less cars, they've all been created from scratch for the Xbox One engine.

"Our goal's not to carry old content over," creative director Dan Greenawalt told Eurogamer. "Even with all the cars, we did the same process. There were some inaccuracies, and some cars were old-spec that we'd updated from Forza 2 to 3 to 4. But they didn't have the poly count where we wanted it - and they weren't as easy to up-res, so we just recaptured them. Some of them, the spec was good and we could add polygons where we needed them."

The studio forced itself to be ruthless in scrapping any content that didn't meet its exacting next generation ideal, and that included entire tracks. "It came down to this rating system - and any track or car that wasn't an A grade got either chucked or recaptured. Some of them needed light updating, and some of them needed heavy updating. Silverstone, for example, was a complete recapture. Several of our tracks were just plain wrong, either because they were poorly captured and technology's moved on, or the track's changed like Silverstone."

Forza 5 launches on November 22nd alongside the Xbox One.

Published: 07/11/2013

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