Battlefield 4 won't feature 'crazy features and crazy changes'

With only weeks to go before the annual first-person shooter showdown, Battlefield 4 executive producer Patrick Bach has spoken out about the supposed rivalry between his game and Call of Duty, and the perils of radically changing a popular game just to be different.

"It's all about tastes or what you prefer," he told VG247 on the subject of the Battlefield vs Call of Duty rivalty. "That being said, there are similarities, and yes you want your game to be the number one shooter of course but we also feel everyone's taste is different when it comes to what they feel is number one. Like movies, dining, etc. There's not one thing that is the ultimate best.

"So for us, it's about creating the best Battlefield game that we can ever create. Staying true to our core values; staying true to what we feel is best for the franchise. With Battlefield 3, we set quite a high bar and we know it's hard to beat that especially since BF3 was in development for such a long time."

He also explained that the team at DICE has been careful not to pile on new stuff just for the sake of an eye-catching trailer. "There were things we wanted to introduce to the game and to the franchise without disturbing the core of the game - you don't want people to feel alienated by crazy features and crazy changes," he said. "The biggest changes cannot be seen in trailers or screenshots, but when you pick up the controller - especially with the newer generation consoles. That's when you see the changes with BF4."

Battlefield 4 is out on October 29th for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The Xbox One version follows on November 21st, with PlayStation 4 following on November 29th.

Published: 21/10/2013

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