Forza 5 has new Silverstone layout plus Stig

Forza 5 will feature Silverstone's new layout, developer Turn 10 has confirmed. The track has been a mainstay of the series, but the revised track design - which extends the distance and moves the start and finish line - wasn't included in Forza 4. That oversight will now be corrected - and thanks to Turn 10's new technology, the tracks will be even more realistic than ever.

"We're not laser scanning tracks," Forza game director Dan Greenawalt has told Eurogamer. "We've been doing for a while, but the thing is laser scanners weren't up to scratch - we were able to recreate tracks more accurately by bringing levels and GPS and scanning."

By "accurate" he means that the game now includes every divot in the tarmac, and can even detect weeds in the trackside grass. Crikey.

The game will also continue its relationship with the BBC's Top Gear. James May and Richard Hammond will be joining Jeremy Clarkson in the voiceover booth and, for the first time, The Stig will appear in the game, setting lap records for you to beat. Maybe at the end, you'll get to take his helmet off and discover its Samus Aran underneath.

Forza 5 is an Xbox One launch title, which means it's out on November 22nd.

Published: 27/09/2013

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