Pokemon is 'best' just the way it is, says director

Pokémon X & Y launch in a little under a month, and see the venerable Nintendo series making its biggest changes yet - with fully 3D polygon worlds replacing the classic 2D sprites that served the saga right up until Pokémon Black & White 2 last year.

However, don't give much credence to the idea that Pokémon is about to jump from 3DS to the Wii U. The series has endured by staying close to what works, X & Y director Junichi Masuda has told VentureBeat, and that's unlikely to change.

"The great thing about handhelds is, of course, that you can go meet people and play with them in real locations," he said. "But you can also go home and turn on the internet mode and interact with players from around the world and do the exact same things - trade and battle with them. So one thing that we think is great about handhelds is that they facilitate both of these styles of play - going somewhere in real life and interacting in person as well as being able to play with other players over the Internet. So that's why we continue to develop on the handheld platforms."

He also pours cold water on the notion that a fully online massively multiplayer game is the next logical step for the Pokémon series. "Right now, we're still unsure whether this core gameplay at the centre of Pokémon - catching the Pokémon and raising them - would really translate well or really match the MMORPG format," he said. "Right now we think the best way for the widest possible audience to enjoy the games is the way we develop them now."

Pokémon X & Y will be released exclusively for 3DS on October 12th.

Published: 20/09/2013

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